PWA - Poultry Farm Management System

Web App

Nov 2018 - Apr 2019

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Existing app solutions were complicated and lacked certain critical features. These apps didn't meet the needs the client requirement. Apart from that the user interfaces were pretty ordinary and outdated.

Authentication being a critical part, the users face hazel of creating a new account and remembering its password.


Developed a Progressive Web App to manage the inventory and sales of a poultry farm. Sales Management and the delivery process where organised within the app. New Orders and Items were able to be updated in real-time.

Authentication was managed with OAuth by Google and Facebook, reducing the friction for users to access the app.

We decided to build the application as a PWA(Progressive Web App) providing an app like experience. Since the client was startup having a very small user-base, it was important to have in new users. Not restricting the users to certain platform.


Currently the app is restricted toward specific roles with one farmer and manager.
Roles strictly restricted towards manager, admin, delivery boy and users. Services had to be geo-restricted towards Dubai, Sharjah.

Features like Real-Time Delivery Tracking and Online Payment were not implemented in Version 01 due to its complexity.


Was a great journey building PWA, the real-time updates are were just Magic.
The App has a potential towards being a SAAS.

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