Engrafi - College Event Registration

Cross Platform Application

Dec 2017 - May 2018

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Previously my college used Google Forms for event registrations, wherein the host would create a form and circulate the link via Email. Some of major problems that students faced during event registration were being unable to know the seat availability and at times not knowing that an event is taking place.

Students had to re-enter their basic details (such as Name, Department) every time to register for an event, resulting in waste of time and effort.

On the event coordinators perspective, they were not having long term record of an event and its attendees. It would be helpful having Stats or Reviews to analyse make better decisions for future event.

The applications available in the university were either a website or a mobile app being constrained to a certain platform or browser.


Developed a unified platform for all the events in the university with one-click registration.

We built applications that are accessible across all major operating systems.
A website (PWA), Android app, iOS app and desktop apps for Windows, Linux and MacOS. With the help of React, React Native and Electron to form the UI and an API with PHP(laravel).

Improved the registration process, from a students filling google forms repeatedly to a single click of a button.

Test Run

We had live environment test run in which around 120 students signed up within the span of 1 week, to register for a workshops.

One major fallback of the project, was the e-mail service we opted, the application's authentication flow was in a way that the users which signed up had to verify their email address by clicking onto the link in the verification email.

The e-mail service that we used was not reliable, wherein some emails where not being sent and some ended up in the spam box. This cost us a single point of failure, wherein the students who signed up, were not being verified by the system.


Major takeaway from this project is that, the motive and code were reasonably good, but in production a lot of things could go wrong. Was appreciated for the intent in working on a real world problem.

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React Native